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Greasing is a fundamental function for any mechanical structure
with high forces, stress or load.

Because of greasing Finn-Power machines have the best accuracy,
repeatability and lifetime in the world.

Automatic greasing saves time and ensures constant work flow
without interruptions. Automatic greasing extends the service
interval. For automated lines auto greasing is a must.

Greasing reduces friction and ensures that maximum capacity
is always in use. Greasing interval is adjustable.


• Air pressure

• Always use genuine Finn-Power grease
• Grease for food related industries also available

Auto Greasing

  • Serial Machines - FP20, FP120, FP140, FP145

    Heavy Duty - KC800, KC1200, KC2000

    Production - FP160, FP165, FP170, FP175,

    Side Feed - SP100, SP350, SP1200

    Nut and Cable - NC20, NC30, NC40, NC60, CC22, CC24, CC26

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