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Standard foot pedal (single pedal) is available for all machines except P32NMS and P20NMS and service line machines.


Standard feature for FP160/165, FP170/175, KC800, KC1200, KC2000, SP100, SP350, SP1200, SP2000 and NC machines.


Electrical backstop and foot pedal share the same J2 connector. They cannot be used simultaneously. On ICC controlled machines AUX-mode is used for foot pedal and electrical backstop operation.


The foot pedal enables holding the hose assembly with both hands. In P32NMS and P20NMS machines foot pedal is double pedal.


One pedal is for crimping and the other one for opening. When foot pedal is connected, dies will move as long as the foot pedal is pressed or till the set crimping diameter has been reached. Crimping can be interrupted by lifting the foot from the pedal. After reaching the crimping diameter dies are opened by using the other pedal.


In P32NMS and P20NMS machines double pedal is possible only as factory installation.

Foot Pedals

  • 120ICC / FP120ICC
    140ICC / FP140ICC
    CC22 / 26
    20MS / 32MS
    P51 / P60

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