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The new Finn-Power Intelligent Crimping Control ICC has taken a great step forward from our earlier model. New industrial-grade touch screen is engineered for tough conditions. Visual symbols on the control guide the operator to complete the task with ease and comfort. The ICC menus are language neutral, thus allowing operators with different language backgrounds to be comfortable in operating the machine.

Standard features:

  • Crimping by diameter
  • Retraction
  • Correction
  • Crimping delay
  • USB-connection
  • FTP server
  • Manual / Semi-automatic mode
  • Tool Change Wizard
  • Recipe memory, job queue
  • Ascending / descending counters
  • Pressure displayed
  • Die position displayed
  • User management
  • Energy saving mode (motor running time) 
  • Options
  • Quality Control (ICC3)
  • Graphical Quality Monitor (ICC4)
  • Bar code reader (BCR)
  • Connectivity Package
  • Camera (only in 12” displays)
  • ICC, ICC1, ICC2, ICC3,ICC4

ICC Control

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