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Finn-Power SP-series crimping machines with open C-frame structure are optimal for crimping any odd shape, bent or otherwise complex hose assemblies.


SP1200 with 120 ton force is ideal for various automotive hoses and small diameter industrial hoses with flanges.


SP1200 also available in following configurations:
Z-model with separate crimping head and hydraulic unit
S-model with enhanced cycle time
D-model with double head configuration


ICC (7" touch screen)


Standard Features:

Pressure crimping ICC1
Step crimping ICC2
Foot pedal (Standard and S-model)



Foot pedal (Z-model)
Auto greasing G3
Remote control (R1, R2)
Quality control ICC3
Graphical quality control ICC4
Interface pack ETH (Communication TCP/IP & UDP)
A3 signal (cable not included)
Bar Code Reader BCR
Auto greasing G3
ICC 12” display


  • Crimping range (1) 10-54mm
    Max crimping force 1200kN
    Cycle time 10 mm (s) (2) 2.1 (S-model: 1.3)
    Hose size ID 11/4"
    Die set series CC22
    Max. opening (mm) (4) +25/+63
    Master die D/L 84/78mm
    Master die D/L 3.31/3.07"
    Motor Power 4.0 kW
    Oil tank volume 50L








    Weight 1256 KG

    1) With standard dies. Crimping range can be increased with special dies.
    2) Theoretical with 10mm cycle.
    3) See table for die set data.
    4) Maximum opening is the total die travel. Add this value to the minimum crimping diameter of the die set used. The result is the maximum opening of the machine with die set in place.

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