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Z-model is a configuration where crimping head and hydraulic unit are separated. Z-model provides freedom to place crimping head to optimal place based on different needs.


Automatic lines and robotic cellls with need for:

Compact floor space requirement
Flexible crimping head orientation
Moving the crimping head


Ergonomic work cell design and safety:

Optimizing table space and ergonomics
Reducing work space noise level
Hydraulic unit placement in separate room (e.g. pyrotechnic areas)


Service van use:
Optimizing weight balance by having hydraulic unit on the floor
Maximizing table space

Z - MODEL Configuration

  • Z-Model configuration is available for the following machinery part numbers:

    Service Machinery - P16HP, P16AP, P20CS, P32CS

    Nut and Cable Machinery - CC22, CC26, NC20, NC30, NC40

    Side Feed Machinery - SP100, SP350, SP1200

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